aliassync is a Perl script to sync mail aliases into the LDAP directory of a CommuniGate Pro server. Unfortunately, CGP syncs addresses of mailbox accounts and forwarders only. So, if you like to get all valid email addresses including aliases through LDAP (eg. to prevent an upstream SMTP server from backscattering), run aliassync as cronjob on your CommuniGate server.

Download and the default configfile from below and put them into /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/etc, respectively. Copy aliassync.conf.default to aliassync.conf and modify it to your needs. It has been tested on HP-UX 11.23 with a vanilla install of CommuniGate Pro 5.1.3. It should run on any platform that comes with a recent version of Perl and Graham Barr's Net::LDAP module.


aliassync V0.2
syncs mail aliases to LDAP directory on a CommuniGate Pro server

usage: aliassync [-c <configfile>] [-n]

  -c <configfile>    use given configfile instead of
  -n                 dry run, test mode: don't modify LDAP directory,
                     be verbose