AugTV settings

AugTV is a TV-Browser plugin to create and delete scheduled recordings for EyeTV. You setup or delete a scheduled recording by right-clicking on the desired program:
Record Cancel
You might select whether a program should be recorded just once, daily, weekly, weekdays, or on weekends. If you delete a scheduled recording which should not be recorded just once, AugTV wants you to confirm that deletion.

Installation is a helper application, which exports your EyeTV archive, music, and movies via a webpage. It basically is an embedded webserver which normally listens on port 8080. It has to be placed on your Mac which runs EyeTV. A good place is your Applications folder. To start when you log in, add it to your Login items: automatically puts itself in a screen session which you can connect to by entering screen in a terminal window. When is running, point your browser to http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_MAC:8080/. A webpage similar to this should appear (yep, I record and watch to much TV stuff). On that webpage, rightclick on a desired program, copy the link location, open your favorite video player (eg. VLC), paste and open that url in order to watch the movie.


AugTV.jar is the actual plugin for TV-Browser. It communicates with via http.


Source code

Username: svn, Password: svn