casehack (my unfinished computer case modding)

Once in spring I decided to build a computer just for LAN parties. Since it had to be small I bought an used microATX tower from Compaq. First thing that come to my mind was to remove that ugly roundish front bezel with something that looks more sophisticated. And of course there had to be a handle for an easy transportation.
Total costs were about 30 Euros iirc. Have a look at the pictures...

I am a friend of cool shiny metal plates and inbus screws. picture 1
the original microATX tower picture 2
front bezel removed picture 3
unnecessary parts (usb front plug) removed picture 4
preparation for mounting the handle picture 5
Now it could easily be taken away. picture 6
front panel without any holes for the drives picture 7
Almost finished, but a small plate for the cdrom drive is still missing.
The leds are those cool shiny blue ones, and the buttons were taken from an old vcr :-)
picture 8

Please note: I have sold this case a while ago, so no more pics :-(