Adding custom MIBs to SNMP

snmpget and snmpwalk will simply print numeric OIDs which are hard to read and to interpret. You can provide MIBs to get human readable OIDs. For instance, let's add the Fibre Channel Management MIB (FCMGMT-MIB):

  1. Create the directory .snmp in your home directory
  2. Place the FCMGMT-MIB file in that directory
  3. Inside that directory, create a file called snmp.conf which contains the following lines:
    mibdirs +$HOME/.snmp
    mibs +FCMGMT-MIB

Of course you can specify multiple mibdirs and/or multiple mibs. snmpget/snmpwalk will complain if some mib is missing and thus can't resolve all OIDs.