XFce 4

diskperf plugin

Linux 2.6 shows extended disk statistics in /proc/diskstats rather than in /proc/partitions. If you apply my patch, you can recompile the diskperf plugin for Linux 2.6 by defining the symbol LINUX26, eg:

$ cd to/diskperf/source/code/directory
$ CFLAGS=-DLINUX26 ./configure



reentrant net i/o indicator

There are some cool plugins for the new XFce 4 panel. Especially the netload plugin is very useful. But it lacks support for multiple interfaces because its code uses the same static variables for multiple instances. My patch corrects this behaviour.




Have a look at the panel running on my desktop: panel.jpg

XFce 3.8.18

taskjar i/o indicator

XFce is a fine windowmanager for the X Window system. Version 3.8.18 contains a taskbar with a system load indicator. But I did not like its colors and missed a disk i/o indicator, too. So I poked around in the source and modified the so called taskjar button on the right side of the taskbar. It now shows the disk usage.



Hey, what's about a screenshot?

Have a look at the modified taskbar in action: taskbar.jpg