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[2016-11-20] New version of kvmlib does not rely on netcat anymore, places pid files in /tmp (which should be a tmpfs residing in memory), and has more commandline options to terminate or kill intractable virtual machines.


[2016-10-03] New version of kvmlib creates ethernet bridges and tap interfaces dynamically, i.e. no need to create them during system boot anymore

[2016-06-26] syswatch.pl now can not only send email when a log entry matches a (positive) pattern, but will ignore the entry when it matches a (negative) pattern. E.g. if your /usr/local/etc/syswatch.conf looks like this one:

!ERROR debug
!ERROR test
Then syswatch.pl will send an email for each log entry that contains the word ERROR, but only if it's not followed by either debug or test, and for each log entry that contains the word faulty.

[2016-05-29] Redundant ethernet bridge with FreeBSD and tinc



[2016-03-30] Adding custom MIBs to SNMP

[2016-03-21] Huawei E392 USB LTE modem on FreeBSD

[2016-01-30] s3blkdev 0.6 comes with an HTML frontend based on Node.js. Here's a screenshot.

[2016-01-17] freebsd-update with a custom kernel




[2015-10-24] Version 0.2 of s3blkdev:

[2015-10-03] s3blkdev is a gateway between S3 compatible storages and Linux network block devices (NBD)



[2015-06-22] Advanced TCP Bandwidth Calculator shows why a single TCP connection almost never saturates a data link

[2015-06-21] adpasswd.php shows how to change your active directory password with PHP

[2015-06-07] OpenVPN routing with BIRD on FreeBSD

[2015-06-04] mksnapback creates and deletes filesystem snapshots on FreeBSD during system boot and shutdown

[2015-05-25] minicom.scpt launches minicom (or any other console program) like a normal Mac OS X application





[2015-04-06] A few things I came across while setting up sslh in transparent mode on FreeBSD


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