You may download and install each module below separately, or simply add another repository to your OTRS system:

  1. Go to Admin -> SysConfig
  2. Select Framework from the config groups dropdown
  3. Click on Core::Package
  4. Under Package::RepositoryList, add a new entry
  5. Enter http://ogris.de/otrs/ as key, and whatever you like as content
  6. Don't forget to save by hitting Update.

otrs.xml lists all modules which are currently available.


AuthFail is an authentication module which always fails. It was written with Fail2ban in mind. You can use it both for agent and customer frontends. Simply add it as a last resort authentication to Kernel/Config.pm:

$Self->{"AuthModule10"} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::Fail';
$Self->{"Customer::AuthModule10"} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::Fail';

That way, AuthFail will only be called if all prior authentication methods have failed. It also places 2 config files, filter.d/otrs.local and jail.d/otrs.local, in scripts/fail2ban inside your OTRS directory. Copy them to the respective directories of your Fail2ban configuration, e.g. /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/ and /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/. Then modify those two config file to suit your environment, and restart Fail2ban.

A sample syslog written by AuthFail may look like this:

Feb 12 03:00:07 otrs OTRS-CGI-10[83711]: [Error][Kernel::System::Auth::Fail::Auth][Line:64]: AUTHFAIL10: USERNAME:someuser

Download modules

Bleeding edge: https://github.com/felixjogris/otrs-modules



Kernel-System-Auth-Sync-LDAP.pm.diff is a patch for the LDAP sync module of OTRS. Read about the patch on Otterhub [local copy]