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[2018-12-09] UTF8 filenames with Java

[2018-11-25] kvmlib now supports different image formats, e.g. qcow2

[2018-11-04] ipc.py demonstrates how to use POSIX / BSD IPC with Python

[2018-10-29] Updated guaca as guacamole on FreeBSD now expects the client and server configuration in different directories

[2018-10-28] Updated both my howtos on Upgrading PostgreSQL with pg_upgrade on FreeBSD and PostgreSQL with replication slots on FreeBSD as PostgreSQL 11 was released a couple of days ago


[2018-10-14] mysql2oracle.pl copies an OTRS database from MySQL to Oracle

[2018-09-29] New version of Captcha.pm uses Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1, as the former comes bundled with recent versions of Perl

[2018-09-22] Patches for libidn to support the German ligature ß updated to version 1.34

[2018-06-17] kvmlib now supports up to 10 network cards, a serial console, and shutdown of JunOS based devices via serial console

[2018-06-02] How to use dehydrated on FreeBSD to automatically get SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt

[2018-05-22] Minimal logging with Apache

[2018-05-05] pomavold 0.7 comes with a udev rules file

[2018-05-02] pomavold 0.6 prevents multiple instances per USB device


[2018-04-08] released graypold-0.7

[2018-02-22] AuthFail version 2 for OTRS 6

[2018-02-07] Added a small section to kvmlib about booting from an iSCSI lun and passing a PCI device from the host to a guest

[2018-01-07] How to netboot and install NetBSD/sparc updated due to Meltdown and Spectre ;-)

[2017-11-12] Upgrading PostgreSQL with pg_upgrade on FreeBSD


[2017-10-31] New release of ampcontrol allows you to adjust the volume in 5dB steps by simply clicking on the volume display


[2017-09-25] watchdog.sh is a simple shell script for FreeBSD to demote local carp announcements if a daemon is not running

old news

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