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[2020-07-10] rrdquery.pl retrieves one datasource from an RRD (round robin database) and optionally filters its values.

[2020-07-07] Building a digital video recorder with FreeBSD

[2020-04-05] New version of kvmlib does not connect all network interfaces to one virtual hub anymore, but makes use of the netdev and device commandline options of qemu in order to connect each virtual network card only to its assigned tap interface on the host

[2020-03-15] privatebinc.py is a simple Python client for PrivateBin


[2019-11-24] New version of check_tvh.py supports Python 3 and reports the size of memory allocated by device drivers

[2019-11-23] New version of kvmlib supports inserting and ejecting of cdrom images via commandline

[2019-11-09] Resizing an UFS2 filesystem on FreeBSD 4.x

[2019-10-05] Updated my howto Upgrading PostgreSQL with pg_upgrade on FreeBSD which now uses /etc/libmap.conf instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH

[2019-08-03] Negotiate authentication with Python and PycURL on FreeBSD

old news

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