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[2019-11-24] New version of check_tvh.py supports Python 3 and reports the size of memory allocated by device drivers

[2019-11-23] New version of kvmlib supports inserting and ejecting of cdrom images via commandline

[2019-11-09] Resizing an UFS2 filesystem on FreeBSD 4.x

[2019-10-05] Updated my howto Upgrading PostgreSQL with pg_upgrade on FreeBSD which now uses /etc/libmap.conf instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH

[2019-08-03] Negotiate authentication with Python and PycURL on FreeBSD


[2019-06-23] Updated jupdate.sh, which is a script to update jails on FreeBSD


[2019-05-25] Uploaded a script in order to update jails on FreeBSD

[2019-04-15] Pidgin and the new ICQ WIM protocol on Gentoo

[2019-04-14] Transparent proxy with nginx and pf on FreeBSD

[2019-03-26] new version of ampcontrol avoids stalling after NET/USB commands and accepts multiple consecutive volume changes

[2019-03-25] OAuth IDP with NetScaler



[2019-01-06] How to netboot and install NetBSD/sparc updated to NetBSD 8.0. You still have to use the second stage bootloader from NetBSD 3.1.1, though.

[2018-12-26] As recent versions of MacOS support Time Machine backups on an SMB share, I updated my howto Building a FreeBSD backup server

[2018-12-25] I've been using Linux almost exclusively on the desktop at home for 15 years now. Time to switch to a graphical login screen with xdm on Linux

[2018-12-24] kvmlib now supports absolute filenames for disk images, e.g. /dev/sdb

[2018-12-09] UTF8 filenames with Java

[2018-11-25] kvmlib now supports different image formats, e.g. qcow2

old news

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