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[2022-09-14] LogBlitz version 9 displays its execution time, and adds the name of the current user to the title of the logout link.

[2022-08-30] If you upgrade to LogBlitz version 8, you might configure a logout url.


[2022-07-31] New howto: Automatic version numbers with Git.

[2022-07-15] Tvhead2TVB version handles activation through a program's info popup correctly, and uses JGoodies as UI library, which comes bundled with TV-Browser.

[2022-06-25] grapheqd version 5 has 3 new features:

[2022-06-18] New howto: pgAdmin 4 on Gentoo.

[2022-06-13] Older versions of the ConvertFrom-SecureString cmdlet did not have an -AsPlainText parameter. When you have to use PowerShell prior to version 7, you might use ConvertSecureStringToPlainText.ps1.

[2022-06-06] Gave both s3file.py and nextcron.py their own pages:

[2022-06-05] New version of s3file.py has command shortcuts for:

[2022-06-02] LogBlitz version 7 supports pyre2, highlights non-matching lines in case of an inverted search, and contains several optimizations.

[2022-05-26] LogBlitz version 6 allows you to display lines before and after each matching line, and highlights every found query string.

[2022-05-14] LogBlitz version 5 allows you to display line numbers and to restrict users to certain logfiles and subdirectories, stores your current settings in a cookie, and comes with a performance improvement.

[2022-04-28] graypold version 10 uses a new version numbering, and fixes a bug which was introduced in version 0.8 and prevented you from bypassing graylisting for certain senders and/or recipients.


[2022-03-16] graypold 0.9 does not fail the SPF check anymore if the sender's address is empty

[2022-02-19] New version of s3file.py comes with builtin help and examples, allows you to pass and display HTTP headers, may read credentials from a config file, and supports Python 3 only

[2022-01-16] How to combine Apache and Fail2ban in order to show a nice "access denied" page without blocking the client's ip address

[2021-11-21] New version of update_znuny.sh now even updates Znuny on FreeBSD across major releases, e.g. 6.0.38 -> 6.1.2


[2021-10-28] update_znuny.sh updates Znuny on FreeBSD.

[2021-10-25] New version of nextcron.py now handles environment variables like HOME, MAILTO, etc., and dcron's @noauto correctly.


[2021-10-14] graypold 0.8 now supports SPF


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