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[2021-06-13] LogBlitz version 2 allows you to display log entries in reverse order, i.e. latest ones first.

[2021-06-07] FastCGI with nginx and fcgiwrap on FreeBSD

[2021-06-06] LogBlitz is a CGI script to search through your (sys-)log files.

[2021-05-24] New version of rrdquery.pl fixes a bug which accepted aggregate functions written in lowercase only.

[2021-05-16] New version of kvmlib natively, i.e. without VM_EXTRA, supports:

[2021-05-09] New version of zfs-snap is compatible with (Open)ZFS on FreeBSD 13.

[2021-03-21] New version of kvmlib comes with 3 new features:

[2021-01-23] If you compile ftp6proxy version 4 with support for netgraph along with ipfw, then it makes use of Capsicum.

[2021-01-17] You can now deploy ftp6proxy version 3 in a pure ipfw environment without pf. By default, it chroot's itself to /var/empty, has been prepared to support Capsicum, and allows you to specify a syslog facility.

[2021-01-12] New version of check_tvh.py supports the commandline option -f or --force in order to restart webcamd and Tvheadend forcefully.

[2020-12-31] New version of zfs-snap accepts a frequency per filesystem or volume, which optionally indicates the time that must have passed since the last snapshot was taken.


[2020-12-05] Updated howto Upgrading PostgreSQL with pg_upgrade on FreeBSD now mounts devfs inside the jail.

[2020-08-15] grapheqd version 4 fixes a bug that became apparent on a MIPS box running Linux (thread stack size too small).

[2020-07-22] grapheqd version 3 comes with support for OSS on FreeBSD, fading to immitate afterglow, a client/server mode, and several bux fixes.

[2020-07-19] grapheqd version 2 comes with slowly decreasing peak values, improved error handling, and revised logging.

[2020-07-16] grapheqd displays the frequency spectrum of an audio signal via its HTML5 webpage or ASCII interface.

[2020-07-10] rrdquery.pl retrieves one datasource from an RRD (round robin database) and optionally filters its values.

[2020-07-07] Building a digital video recorder with FreeBSD.

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